One of the biggest marketing ideas around is risk reversal., It means taking the chance, taking all the risk and putting it on your shoulders instead of on your prospect’s shoulders. The easiest way for you to get into this mindset is to really look at the service or product you deliver and ask yourself…

**“ _What would happen if I only got paid when my client gets the result I’mactually, advertising here?_ ”**

If you’ve got something that helps business owners make more money, or if you’ve got something that helps people achieve a certain outcome… what would happen if you only got paid when they actually achieve that result? That’s a mind-expanding thought. And for some business owners, a really scary thought.

A while ago, I had lunch with an information marketer. We were discussing his business, and he couldn’t understand why people weren’t buying his stuff. So I asked him, “ Do you have something you would stake your life on… something that if they did this one thing, it would work? ”

My question surprised him, and as it turned out, he didn’t have anything so sure-fire he’d stake his life on it working. But that’s really the bottom line for everything you sell. You’ve got to have something that actually gets results for people before you can expect to get paid for it. If you’re not sure that what you’re selling works…

if you don’t have confidence in your product or service or are not clear on it… you can’t expect your clients to have confidence in it, either. Your prime directive should be to only do things that are going to create incredible value for people. And for you to have long-term success,

Start getting into the mindset of, “I don’t deserve to get paid if my clients’ lives aren’t enhanced.

Because that’s your biggest opportunity: The way to really differentiate yourself from anyone else is by making your product actually work.

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