If you’re contemplating using a book for your lead generation, there are only three absolute musts you need to put into place.

  • First, you have to have a book. That’s number one.
  • Second, you’ve got to have a title that resonates with the person you want to be in the conversation with.
  • And third, you’ve got to have a way for people to get your book. A delivery channel.

But that’s it. These are the only three things that make the boat go faster. Everything else? All stuff that doesn’t make a difference on overall results.

It’s counter intuitive, I know. But hitting those 250 pages, making sure that every last bit of the subject you’re writing about is in the book, obsessing about editing… none of that has any impact on your conversion rates or make people want your book more.

In other words

To have a successful lead-generating book, you have to find a way to get the content out of your head as fast as possible. And then dedicate all of the extra time to what matters most: Crafting that perfect title. I’ve spent countless hours thinking long and hard about an ideal system to get to the book as quickly as possible. To write without writing.

And, you know what I’ve found? The fastest bandwidth way to get information from your brain and out into the world is through your mouth. At least, until we figure out how to extract the thoughts directly from your brain without you having to express them. But right now, there’s no faster way than talking.


If you’re just talking to someone, that’s a one-time thing. You’re impacting only one person. And it’s hard to scale. But when you’re talking to someone… and you RECORD that conversation… that changes everything. Now your conversation is digitized and it becomes an asset you can multiply. And that’s where all the leverage is. Because that one conversation you had with one person at that one time…

That digital asset becomes the source for unlimited forms of content (and a book is just one of them) that you can multiply and distribute… and exponentially increase your impact.

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