A big part of having a successful business is getting crystal clear on who your target market is. Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest thing to do… because there are often so many possibilities available to you. But here’s the thing: When you really think about it, you’ll discover there are maybe only four or five groups of prospects you could work with. Your job is to pick the group you can work with for the biggest results.

For example

In my real estate world, I’ve divided all the people I could work with into four categories, four basic avatars. First, there’s a brand new agent. They’re just getting started in real estate; they’re optimistic and hopeful but don’t know exactly what to do. Then, in the second category, there’s the agent who has been in real estate for a couple of years. They survived the initial hurdles, they learned how to do business, and now they’re good. If only they had more people to work with, they’d be unstoppable. What they’re missing is a system to help them get in front of more prospects.

The next level up is the third category, the agent who is perpetually busy. They’re successful, they’ve been in business for a long time, and everything revolves around them. They may have an assistant helping them out, but time is always an issue.

And lastly, the fourth category is the agent who’s built a whole team around them. They’re running a proper organization. They have systems in place, they know how to get clients, and everything is working smoothly. Now, out of all four categories, the sweet spot for our GoGoAgent platform is the second one. The one where the agent has been in the business for a couple of years, they’re approaching or already at six figures, and they’re ready to go to $1 million.

And the reason we focus on this second category is… I know that when they start using our systems, they’ll accelerate their growth exponentially. I know I can help them get to that $1 million fast. At the same time, I know the agent in the first category is often too new to real estate for me to be able to help them quickly… and the third and fourth categories are sometimes a difficult battle to try and retrofit our systems on top of whatever they’re already using. But I’d never get this clear about who my target market is if I didn’t sit down and consciously think about all the possibilities out there.


here’s what I’m trying to get you to think about. If you’re still a little uncertain about who is it that you’re serving, who are the people you can help the most… then…Set some time aside. Look at your industry as a whole and find those 3, 4, or 5 major categories of people that you could help. Define who those avatars are. And then pick the one group you are 100% confident you can help the most.

Trust me, once you get clear and you’re confident, you can deliver results…Your marketing becomes a walk in the park 😉

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