We’re living in a world right now where it’s never been a better time to have ideas. Think about it; Whatever you can imagine, no matter how ambitious or crazy, the execution of it is available to you instantly, on demand, and at scale. In just the right amount that you need. You don’t have to hire employees and train them to make something happen anymore. No need for in-house design teams, programmers, accountants and writers.

You can outsource almost any kind of execution there is, and every element of it is available to you on demand. And yet, I see people tripping up around the logistics of their ideas all the time. The moment they think of a WHAT, they start freaking out about the HOW. To the point that it becomes overwhelming.

But here’s the thing

Execution has become a commodity. Which means, when you know what you want, the only thing you really need to get good at is to find WHO’s going to do it for you. You see, the skill of the future is being able to get crystal clear on what you want. That, and knowing how to articulate it. Describe it to somebody who can make it happen.

Because that’s where all the leverage is: It’s more fun to make checklists than to follow checklists, right? So why waste your time and resources on something that’s slowing you down, when you can outsource it… Focus on finding the WHAT, get crystal clear describing it… and then find WHO will create it for you.

You know, we’re living in amazing times. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

Get the logistics out of your way and focus on WHO, not HOW 😉

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