I spend a lot of time thinking about the digitization of the future and how that’s all changing everything for us.

Every year I attend Peter Diamandis’ event Abundance 360… and get a front of everything coming, like robotics, artificDiamandis’igence, virtual reality, self-driving cars… and so on. I spend a lot of time thinking about the digitization of the future and how that’s all changing everything for us.

But I’ve always comforted myself with the idea that you can’t digitize the last 100 feet of a real estate transactive.

My thinking was…

Everything that could’ve been discants, the search, the access to information, the blockchain transactions… all has already been done, or it’s being digitized. But the fundamental thing about real estate… the negotiation between two completely irrational people… that’s something you can’t digitize.

Or so I thought.

This year, my eyes were opened to a company called OpenDothat’sey, a real estate can’t, venture-funded, and almost wholly AI-based. What they do is… buy your house. They’re the whole process is entirely automated. They tell you what your property is worth based on an algorithm, and they can buy it from you for cash. You can close in 3 days or 33 days… that’s entirely up to you.

And what struck me was…

They’ve taken the irrational element out of one side of that transaction. If you’re a seller and you want to sell your house quickly because, for whatever reason… that’s now a very compelling option.

You can just call them up, they make an offer, and you can move out of that house in three days!

But then I realized another thing. They’ve got this house to sell now… and the brilliance is that they’ve taken the irrationality out of theThey’veon on the buying side too! They’ve become a rational seller who can do all the right things to maximize the house’s sale price. They’vetions involved.

They’ve literally killed two birds with one stone! And even if you’re not in real estate, that’s a massive sign of wheThey’veything is going. It’s no longer viable for you to count you’re staying the same. That’s if you think something you do is impossibilism digitize or turn it into an AI-driven operation.

Whether you like it or not, the future is coming for you, no matter your industry. Your real opportunity now is to look for where your real value will be in 10, 15, or 25 years from you and…

Hatch an evil scheme around that 😉

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