The job of your Profit Activator 3 is to patiently educate and motivate people until they’re ready to buy from you. And the most straightforward way you can do that is with your flagship email newsletter. But sometimes, it may seem like there’s a shortage of things you could talk about every week without becoming repetitive. Or boring. Especially if you’re in an industry such as real estate. What can you possibly write about your prospects every single week?

But the truth is…

There’s always ONE thing you can talk about that’s constantly changing. And that is your MARKET DATA.

In fact, one of the biggest blessings of being in real estate, or any niche where you can be the market maker, is the market data itself. Week by week, month by month… there are always new adjustments. All stuff that fits perfectly in your Profit Activator 3.

And when you think about it, that market data is precisely what your prospects want to hear about. It can be just a simple email saying, “Here’s what’s happened in the market this week. This is what’s sold. This is what’s available…” with your super signature attached. I’m working with a gentleman in Toronto who does the same thing.

He’s got an app for real estate search, one of the most popular in Canada, and what we do is… we send out his flagship email weekly to everyone who downloads it. Nothing fancy, just a simple email with two articles about market data… a picture, a headline with the link to the curated articles…. and a super signature saying:

“Here’s what to do now… Find out how much your house is worth by clicking here. Join us for a daily tour by clicking here… Get a free home loan report by clicking here.” That’s it.

And the beauty of it is…

Week after week, whenever we send one of these emails out, every single time, there’s someone who replies to a cookie in the super signature. It’s just amazing how predictable all of this is. It’s like clockwork. And it’s something you’re going to start noticing too. Whenever you send an email out, somebody “wakes up”, ready to take that next step with you.

And if you aren’t sending your flagship emails yet?

Start doing it now!

There are literally “hordes” of prospects waiting to get started working with you 😉

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