You often hear me talk about vending machines, And how your Before Unit needs to work just like one. A machine that delivers you, clients, every time you insert some money and press the “activate” button. There are two reasons I do that…

One, it is such a simple and memorable analogy. I never found anything better to describe how an optimal Before Unit should feel to you. And two, it’s because when you make it right, it DOES work like a real vending machine. Just like the one down at your local gym or train station, when you get a Pepsi every time you put a dollar in.

The beauty of a vending machine is that it’s predictable, thanks to some hardware wiring behind the scenes. And guess what? You need to wire your Before Unit in the same way, too. All the circuitry that makes it work, all the pieces that make it predictable, You need to connect them together in just the right order. The trouble is, here’s where most people complicate things or fail altogether.

They understand the analogy and see why it works. They’d even like to have one set up delivering clients for them. However, they fail to see how such a machine needs to be wired together. But it’s really very simple. Because here’s the thing: The circuits that make your vending machine work are…

Your Profit Activators One, Two, Three and Four!

You start by selecting your single target market. Next, you get them to raise their hand and identify themselves. Moving on, you educate and motivate your prospects so they engage with you. Lastly, you offer them something compelling so they say, “Yes!”

And now comes the best part.

When you have all the units wired together in the order above, You decide on the price you would cheerfully pay for a new client, stick it next to the “activate” button and start pressing it to your heart’s content!

Your Before Unit vending machine will deliver like clockwork.