Sometimes, when you have a groundbreaking product, it makes sense to license it to other people in your industry. Say, you have a new hair-thinning solution. Your product and the system behind it are so revolutionary and generating such stellar results you want to bring it to as many people with hair problems as possible…

One great way to do that is through affiliates. You license your product, provide them with training on the system, and then let them go do their thing.

It’s simple, and it’s easy to scale.

But here’s the bad news…

When you leave your affiliates to their own devices, you may discover only 20% of them produce 80% of the results. And it’s not because the remaining 80% are slackers. It’s simply because… Very few people are natural marketers and salespeople. The remaining 80% are probably really great implementers and relationship builders… but they don’t know how to market and might even be averse to selling.

So when you leave your affiliates on their own, not only do they have to invest in your product and learn the skills to use it… they also have to learn how to market and sell it. This means, 80% of them never generate enough customers to work with and, as a consequence, they end up struggling.

But that’s not in your best interest. You want all of your affiliates to thrive because when they thrive, your business thrives too. In other words, your affiliate’s dream come true… is your dream come true! And what would be the dream come true for your affiliates?


In their ideal scenario, they invest in learning, they invest in getting licensed… and as if by magic, prospects start showing up at their door, ready to do business with them. They don’t want to learn how to be a marketer. Most of them just want to work in their During Unit. If you want your partnerships to be a win-win relationship, you must start making their dreams come true…

Don’t just license your products away. Become the Before Unit, the vending machine that generates leads and delivers people to your practitioners. Because by protecting your affiliate’s best interest, you’re also protecting your best interest.

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