Your whole marketing strategy can be distilled down to just three simple words:

Compel, Convince, Collaborate.

You need to COMPEL somebody to raise their hand before anything else can happen. The easiest way to do that is with curiosity. Something that will make your prospect go, “oh, I want that. What’s that about?” Because when the compelling part is done right, it becomes a compulsion Impossible to resist.

We’re all wired to want good things for us, just like mice are wired to seek out cheese. And nothing is more irresistible than a book with a title that makes people say, “I want to know how to do that!” A book is easy to consume, it’s conveniently packaged, and it appeals to our harvesting instincts. So that’s where you start: Create a compelling book for your audience.


Once you get your prospects to raise their hand, and before you even consider presenting them your offer… you start the CONVINCING part.

But listen: This doesn’t mean you hammer them full steam ahead and push them to “buy right now!” No. You do the opposite… You start fuelling their own desire to get to their goal.

How do you do that?

Understanding what somebody would have to believe and what their mindset has to be before they’re convinced that your product or service is the only solution to their problems. You see, you’ll only convince anyone to start working with you if they convince themselves first.

So start thinking like a chess master… Understand where your prospects are right now and where they need to be before they are ready to buy from you. And then… carefully design your “moves” to bridge that gap. Once your prospects are convinced you have the keys to their “dream come true,” their guard falls, and the resistance disappears.

Now, you present them with the opportunity to COLLABORATE with you. And when you think about it…

That’s really what you’re doing anyway: You’re collaborating. You’re working together with your prospects, so they get to their goals faster.

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