Your business is ready to scale when it provides results and value beyond your need to be involved in delivering that value. But the trouble is… when you’re a solo operator providing service to people, everything depends on you.

This means your bottleneck is your During Unit. You’re limited by the time you can spend with a specific client. Even worse, when you’re busy with your clients, you don’t have the time to do the things that get new people into the business.

You’re either busy with hands-on work or generating leads. You can’t do both. And you quickly reach the limits of that. To break through that barrier, you have to start by dividing your business into isolated parts: The Before, During, and After units.


Look at your During Unit and ask yourself, “What would it look like… and what would it take to have the capacity to work with 100 or 200 clients a week instead of just 30?”

Take yourself out of the picture and imagine how would that work… Is there anything special or magical about your protocol? Is there something you’ve developed that’s unique to you, and you could train somebody else to do it? Because here’s what you need to understand: If you want to take your business to the next level, none of this will be about you anymore.

You’ve gotta get out of the phase where you’re the one doing all the work. You must elevate yourself to the level where you’re the founder and cheerleader for your service. You’re now the person who’s going out, spreading the word about how you help people. And when you bring them into your world,

A team of specialists is ready to help them get those results. Because here’s the thing… The secret to a scale-ready business is actually really simple. And it’s this:

Stop doing the hands-on work and start thinking bigger.

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