To scale any business, you must first nail your result-getting protocol. Because that’s the basis for the scale-ready algorithm. And, you’ve heard me say this many times before, the scaling has to start with a unit of one.

That is one way of getting results for people. What is the simplest way to do it? Look where you are right now: Your city, neighborhood, local community and pretend that’s your whole universe.

Your goal is to identify all the people in that universe who are ideal candidates for what you’re doing.

Then, start a case study program or a pilot project. To document everything you’re doing. All the results, all the gotchas, everything. This is the phase where you work out the nuts and bolts of your protocol.

For example

Say you have 100% confidence that if I delivered somebody to you and they followed your instructions to a tee, plus you could assist them with the implementation; you know, beyond any doubt, you would create an outcome for them.

That’s great. But it’s also a little impractical: So what you do next is try to find the absolute musts that must happen and still deliver desired results. And then, you work backward from that. Step by step until you reach something practical and easily scalable.

This becomes your protocol – the one unit ready to go: Your little execution model, the algorithm, the operating system; and finally, when you reach that point; you have something you can take and install in the following community or city. And then the next one. And the next one. And so forth. Starting locally (with one target market) is the only 100% effective way to build your scale-ready algorithm.

Too bad most people think some generalized information-based program that tries to include anything and everything is still the way to go.

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