Have you ever heard of Dave Nichols?

Maybe, if you grew up in Canada. But if you didn’t, Dave Nichols was the president of the biggest grocery store in Canada called, Loblaws. By the time he joined, Loblaws was a struggling supermarket chain, and Dave managed to turn it into the industry leader. He took it on as his quest to become the curator of your grocery shopping experience. He introduced a brand of products called “The President’s Choice”.

He would travel the world, looking for genuinely superior products, and when he found something he liked, he would grant it his “stamp of approval”. These products would get special packaging, special shelf space and special promotions. So you knew immediately you were buying quality stuff recommended by Dave.

And by doing so, by attaching his face to the company, becoming the personality and the master curator of your shopping experience. He created a personal bond between the “big brand” and you, the consumer. Dave managed to turn a big, faceless corporation into something very personal.

”Someone you trust to pick the best products for you.”

Here’s the thing, People want to grant businesses a monopoly. We want to be led and told what to do. When we let someone else decide for us… there are fewer things to think about. We save energy!

(Of course, it only works when we feel the person in charge has our best interest at heart.)

That’s why I’m a big advocate of “becoming the mayor of your niche”. Because the moment you become the master curator for all the best things, your prospects should buy and/or do next. The monopoly is granted to you as a side effect. It’s included in the “package”.

So don’t be the “Guru”… Become the Mayor instead! 😉

Oh, and by the way…

The President’s Choice Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Dave introduced in 1988?

It’s still selling today!