Since the beginning of time, commerce has been driven by exchanging goods or services for money. You have a widget or service people want the results your widget delivers, and the swap happens. You get the money, and they get the goods. And unless you’re the only person alive offering that particular thing, you have competition. This means you now have to convince people to trade their money with you rather than everyone else.

So you do marketing.

But here’s the thing about marketing. People forget that it’s an amplifier. It amplifies either your frustration or elation.

If you’re awesome at getting amazing results for people, marketing your widget will be a breeze. On the other hand, if you struggle getting results for any reason, you will have a hard time with marketing too. And when marketing doesn’t work well, people do things that don’t make sense.

For example:

One common mistake I see people make is to add so much extra stuff on top of more stuff they are trying to sell. You see people pack their offers with dozens of bonuses and a gazillion features, hoping these extra goodies will convince prospects to buy. But the simple truth is…none of that makes your product more valuable or compelling.

It doesn’t matter if your online course has 17 modules, 250 templates, and 5 additional special reports. None of that can hide the fact your clients don’t get results. You must understand, “what would I do if I only got paid when my client gets the result.” Once you start thinking as if that’s true, or even better, as if your life depends on getting them to win…

All the fluff fades away.

Your personal interest is perfectly aligned with your client’s interest. And you’re free to start improving things. If the opportunity is: “I can help 10 people get this type of result in 90 days If they do what I say…” But the reality is that only 2 of those people get that result because the other 8 fell off the wagon somewhere along the way. Then you need to start setting up an environment that makes sure everybody gets to win.

And once you have that structure in place and are 100% certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that people WILL get the result no matter what, Your marketing becomes a walk in the park. Because here’s the secret: The better you get RESULTS for people… the better you become at marketing.

It really is that simple!