One common mistake people make with their 9-word emails is that they jump to the prescription too soon.

Here’s a typical 9-word email scenario:

“Are you still looking for X?” “Yes, I am!” “Great. I have Widget XYZ that’s going to help you with X.”

… Crickets…

Here’s the problem with this:

It starts with a simple and engaging question. But then it jumps immediately into a whiskery offer, scaring the prospect away. What you should do instead is to patiently continue your “investigation”. This means you want to find out what it is that you can help your prospect with… without alluding that you’re going to do it just yet.

And you’ll notice that after a few emails like that back and forth, when they realize they’re talking to a real person, what often happens is you’re going to receive what I call THE LOVE LETTER. That’s when your prospect sends you this long email spilling all their guts. Because now that they have the ear of somebody who’s listening (you!) and someone who could potentially help them (you!): they’re going to tell you EVERYTHING.

And the great thing about a “love letter” like that is…

Your prospect is revealing, in great detail, where their need is, where their pain is, and where their desire is. Now, this is where you come in and offer to help. Because now, you know EXACTLY what they’re looking for. And you can present your offer in such a way that it feels like you’re throwing them this lifeline of…

Don’t worry, I’ll help you. I’m getting together with people on Tuesday to brainstorm this. Would you like to join us?”

… rather than being something you’re trying to push down their throats just to make a sale.

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