Have I ever told you about my Internet Marketing formula before? It’s a simple formula that I came up with way back at the beginning of the Internet… and it’s still the same today.

Sometimes called the website formula, it goes like this:

Eyeballs + emails + hearts = faces

The outcome that you want faces, people you can help. But for that to happen, you’ve got to have a strategy for each of the steps along the way. In fact, those are all objectives you need to reach in order to get faces.


You’ve got to have a strategy to bring eyeballs to your website. You can use Adwords, Facebook ads… or any other advertising available. Your objective here is to get as many eyeballs as you can for the best price that you can.


When you have eyeballs on your website, your objective is to win their email addresses. You need to turn those website visitors into visible prospects so you can start engaging with them. And what’s interesting is…

What’s ON your website has no impact whatsoever on your strategy to get people TO your website. Think about it, somebody reading your Google ad doesn’t know what’s on the other side. The only thing they know, are the words on the ads, and the promises those words are making.

That’s why, the best email-capturing strategy is to avoid adding any new information to the landing page beyond what the ad is already offering. Because, all you want to do is to reassure the visitor that they’re in the right place, that they’ll get what they’ve clicked for, and they can finish the decision they’ve already made…

This brings us to the third step:


Once your prospects raise their hand and become visible, your strategy becomes bonding and engaging in a dialogue with them over email. But here’s the important bit: You must keep bonding and engaging, consistently and patiently…

Until they are ready to transition out of the online world and into the real world (the ‘=’ part), you can meet them face to face.

For more insights into the formula, head over to the podcast.