One of the 8 Profit Activators people usually struggle with the most is… Profit Activator #1.

Here’s what it says:

Select one single target market at a time.

When people hear this, the reaction is always, “But I don’t want to limit myself to just _ “. Our natural tendency is to want to cast the widest net possible.

But the problem with going wide is that you become too general. People don’t respond well to generalities. We’re attracted to specifics, things we can identify with, and things that are immediately applicable to us. Like Horoscopes.

Where do your eyes automatically go when you look at a list of horoscopes? Mine go to Taurus. I’m a Taurus, and that’s what I’m interested in. I never read Virgo, Leo, or any of the other signs. Why would I? I’m a Taurus! 🙂 And I bet you do just the same.

Now imagine if horoscopes were one big general block of text, saying the same stuff for everybody… They wouldn’t have the same impact and wouldn’t be so popular.

When you carefully select your single target market, you get the same “horoscope effect”. Here’s what I mean, If you have a product that comes in bottles and you want professional photos taken, and you come across… What do you think your reaction would be?“Oh, look at that! They shoot bottles! That’s exactly what I need!” You immediately identify with them… you know it does the very thing you need.

But you wouldn’t feel the same way with something as general as, even if they mention “bottles” in the long laundry list of all the products they can shoot. Both photographers are probably equally good at taking pictures, but you only want the specialist from for your bottles.

The name suggests they have the most experience shooting bottles and have probably figured out the best lighting for bottles, the best background settings for bottles… the best everything for bottles! Can you see how attractive that is? And there’s another, bigger advantage hidden in selecting ONE single target market.

It is easier for you to figure out all the moving parts that make you Before Unit work. And once you do that, when you figure out how stuff works for one single target market, you can apply the same principles to another one. And another one… and then another one…

Once you get up and running, you can take everything as is and apply it to,,, and so on.

The point is…

You select and work on one target market AT A TIME, but the single target markets you can expand to are limited only by your imagination and the size of the wheelbarrow you have to carry all the money you’ll be making.