I saw a great documentary about The Beatles recently. It was about their early years up to the point where they stopped performing live. One thing that’s really fascinating about The Beatles is…Most people think of them as this huge pop phenomenon that came out of nowhere and took the world by storm overnight.

But the thing is, nobody remembers The Beatles from their formation years. Between 1959 and 1962, they were busting their butts playing clubs in Hamburg. 4 gigs a day, every day, 7 days a week. They weren’t in the news during that time. Nobody knew who they were. They were nobody. But those early years are what made them become The Beatles. When I look at their story… I see those Hamburg years as when they built their scale-ready algorithm.

First, they had to become the best band in Liverpool to play in Hamburg. And then, they had to become the best band in Hamburg to take over the world. They had to do it in that other. There were no shortcuts.

And what’s interesting is…

The same principle applies to business, too. Especially when you want to launch something new and promote it to a marketplace. It’s great to get to a point where the word spreads and your product becomes a sensation on its own… a thing everyone talks about.


You have to go through your “Hamburg years” first. You have to start on a small scale, locally… and build your evidence that you actually get results for people. You have to get that first-hand feedback from your prospects. And the best feedback you can get is going belly-to-belly to experience what’s hitting a nerve with people. When you see that light bulb coming on in real-time, they become convinced you’ve got a valuable thing… that moment when they become ready to buy.

It’s how you learn to understand the mind of your prospects. This is also the time when you document everything you do. Write down every physical evidence of how your product makes a difference. Ultimately, you want to confidently say, “Before using my product, people were doing this. After using my product, these are the results they are getting.”

And then… once you have all this data and understand what it takes to convince ONE prospect to buy, You can start branching out. Now you have the foundation in place – your scale-ready algorithm – to do it on a mass scale. just like The Beatles…

You’ve done your Hamburg years and are now ready for your “overnight” success. 😉

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