By now, you’ve probably figured out that the only purpose for your flagship email is to be the delivery mechanism for your Super Signature, And you probably also know that an effective Super Signature has to have two, three, or more “cookies” that serve as conversation starters with your prospects. But do you know what’s the greatest conversation starter of them all? A scorecard.

And here’s why

First, when people go through the 8 Profit Activators Scorecard and rate themselves, they can clearly see where they are right now. But on top of that, they also get to see what winning looks like. And this gives them an aspirational goal of where they want to be. They might say, “Okay, I’m at a three in Profit Activator 2, but I want to be a 10 in this.” The two scores help them identify where the gap is, and they’re now pre-framed for the right conversation to take place.

And second, as a diagnostic tool, the scorecard gives me an insight into who these people are. So I can start conversations only with people who fall into my “ideal prospect” category. For example, what I look for when I’m reading these scorecards is people who are crystal clear on who they want to attract as a target audience (Profit Activator One). They also need to be high on the Profit Activator 5 score, which is delivering a dream come true-result. But they might be low on Profit Activator Two, Three, Or Four.

In other words

My ideal prospect is someone who can get a result for people if they have people to work with. But they don’t know how to generate leads, or they don’t know how to educate and motivate the leads they already have, or they struggle to convert those leads. That’s the kind of prospect I know I can help the most.

So now, every time I talk to a person that has filled my scorecard, our conversation is at a much higher level than what it would’ve been otherwise… Because I already know what I can help them with, and, at the same time, they already know where they want (and need!) my help. By the time I’m talking to them, I don’t have to convince them about anything anymore. And that’s the great thing about scorecards…

If you create them right, they’ll do the convincing part for you. So that by the time you’re talking to your prospects… they’re ready and eager to get started with you.

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