If you ever find it difficult selling your product, if you feel like nobody seems to care about it, it’s probably because your message about the product is wrong. It’s a common thing.

When you’re unaware of what drives your audience to buy, you risk ending up with the wrong selling proposition.

Let’s fix that.

In his seminal book, Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz said: You cannot create desire for a product. He said you can only channel desire that already exists in your market into your product.

This is a powerful idea. Let me repeat it again. You cannot create desire. You can only channel an existing desire of your audience into your product.

So, how do you do this in practice?

It all starts with your market. Think about your market and ask yourself: What do people get from my product? What is the payoff for them? Are any “invisible” forces that seem to dominate their buying decisions?

Those invisible forces are what I call built-in market drivers. Every market has them. When you find your market’s dominant driver and can match it to your product, you’ll never have a hard time selling again. It’s like getting in the emotional jet stream; the momentum to buy is automatic and powerful.

In other words, when you can present your product as the best solution to whatever is troubling your audience, they will start flocking to you like there’s no tomorrow. I have three favorite built-in drivers your product can tap into.

One of the strongest is PAIN AND URGENCY.

I have a product called “Stop Your Divorce”. (pass this on to anyone you know going through a divorce or breakup they don’t want)

You can tell right from its name it is ALL pain and urgency. Imagine the scenario: Your spouse tells you they want a divorce, and you are immediately in pain. Now you have an urgency to get out of it. The payoff is: Getting out of pain as soon as possible. If your product solves any kind of acute pain and pressing urgency, then this is the primary driver you should tap into.


Another built-in market driver is  TRADING DIMES FOR DOLLARS.

A lot of the things I do are driven by people’s desire to make more money. My whole organization is set up to help people do that. The idea behind it is this: They are trading a little bit of money for a roadmap, a system, a structure that gets them more money.

The payoff is A little investment that turns into more money. Can your product help people make or save money? If so, this is the primary driver you should focus on.

And finally…

The third built-in market driver is what I call  IRRATIONAL PASSION.

(Dan Kennedy calls it dumb money.)

Look around you. Everyone spends tons of money on something they’re passionate about. Think golfers, Harley owners, grandparents, you name it. Usually, there’s no rational explanation for why people buy the product. They’re spending money because they want to fuel the passion they have.

The payoff here is: Fueling the passion.

All sorts of products fall into this category. Bird-watching, playing golf, knitting, anything weird and the super niche you can think of! Is your product one of them?

Great! Then this is the market driver you should tap into. But remember this. You have to pick ONE. You might find two or more drivers in your market, but only one is the most potent. That’s the one you’re after.

Figure out what your market’s DOMINANT driver is; see where it meets your product, and then create a message that is CRYSTAL CLEAR about it. Even if you think it’s too niche. Remember my book “Stop Your Divorce”? Notice how the product and its name is super targeted. In fact, some might argue it’s too niche. But here’s the thing: That little book, priced at $79, has generated over $ 5 million in revenue. Imagine that!

Don’t underestimate the power of a crystal clear message tapping into a very strong market driver. That is the point where convincing turns into compelling. And it can literally mean millions for your bottom line.

Do you know what the dominant built-in driver for your market is? Can you find ways to use that existing desire and bring it closer to your product?

Let me know!