One thing that we all have in common is; We all want results. I know I do. And I’m sure you do as well. I’m willing to bet all your prospects want results, too. But not all of them want to learn how to get there. In fact, most people don’t want to learn how to get there. They just want results.

Think about it

The only reason somebody will buy baking pans and baking tools is that they’re going to bake something… And the reason they’re going to bake is because what they really want is home-baked cupcakes. Yes, some people do enjoy baking. But the vast majority? They don’t want to learn how to do it. All they want is a reliable, dependable, affordable, source for home-baked cupcakes… just like their mom used to make.

If there was an “easy button” that delivers delicious home-baked cupcakes every time they pressed it, that would be a dream come true. Wouldn’t it? And you know what? It’s not just cupcake lovers who want an “easy button” for results. Our whole society is moving in that direction.

Take Uber, for example. I can’t remember the last time I rented a car to go anywhere… because I don’t have to… I can just push a button, and a car will be at my feet in five minutes, ready to take me anywhere I want to go. With all the logistics of payment, the organization, the research… all of that stuff taken care of for me.

AirBnb? Same thing. If you want to go somewhere and don’t want to stay in a hotel… you can push a button, and there it is. A list of homes ready for you to rent… without having to do all the research and evaluation yourself.

Now here’s the thing

We’re all wired to want results but don’t like going through the hassle to get there. This means every time you bet on people’s desire to get what they want with as little friction as possible is a game that you can’t lose. That’s why your biggest opportunity is to identify the result you can deliver for your prospects…

Then break that down into a scale-ready algorithm, and turn it into an “easy button” solution.

Justin Brooke and I discuss this in depth over in the podcast.