do you ever remember seeing that commercial? When is a diet pill worth $153 a bottle? You know, that was the number one, uh, short-form infomercial on the air maybe 20 years ago. And I saw that happening in real time, and I kept thinking, man, that’s a lot of of money, right? $153 a bottle. But when I really thought about it, if you’re trying to sell a weight loss pill, something that seems like it’s the dream, it would be the dream of anybody that you take a pill and you wake up skinny. So when you think about who would be the ideal target audience for that, weight loss pills have been around forever, and of course none of them have, are effective. None of them really work. People have tried them and they, maybe they work for a little bit or they stop taking them for whatever reason.

Uh, but nothing miraculous. There’s no bin, no miracle cure, that you take this and you lose weight. But that’s what they were seemingly promising. So what they did was they realize there’s a lot of people who’ve already overcome the idea that they would take a pill to lose weight. And many who’ve done it have tried it again and again, they’ve tried all of the diet pills, none of them work, and they stop and they keep getting disappointed. But what do all of those have in common? They’re all 29, 30 $9 and they’re all looking like the, you know, the bikini woman or the ripped guy on the bottle itself. They’re selling the, the dream in a bottle. But what they did, the, this was for the lept dorine commercial, and they would set it up that it was looked like authority right from the beginning. A woman with a, uh, you know, uh, dark suits coming on, and she’s saying, when is a diet pill worth $153 a bottle when it works?

And she’s in this stern tone telling you, if you’re, if you need, if you’re, you need to lose weight, you need lept, dpri, leptin’s, not for the casual dieter, it’s far too powerful for the casual dieter. But if you have 20, 30, 40 pounds to lose, you need lept dpri. And I thought to myself, you know, she was saying, listen, if you’re one of these vanity, if you’ve got five or 10 vanity pounds to lose, leptin’s not for you. So what is that saying? Immediately it’s saying to people, this is powerful stuff. No wonder those other diet pills didn’t work. They didn’t have enough of this stuff in it, and they packaged it like a pharmaceutical product. So lept Arin was in a bottle that looked like a pharmaceutical, not like a impulse purchase at the grocery aisle. So to get all of, of the people who’ve ever tried a diet pill to try it again, because this one, instead of $29 a bottle, it’s 153.

I’m, you know, even if I’ve got 10 pounds to lose vanity pounds, then I’m trying to lose. I’ll might take it and say, well, I’ll, I can do it, but I’ll stop when I get too skinny. I’ll stop taking it if I lose too much weight. And, you know, so it’s immediately appealing to people that this is too powerful. So you want to immediately try it. And that worked for, that was going on for over a year. And, you know, part of what happened then, I was in Reston, Virginia, and I saw what was amazing. There was a new commercial that started out with a closeup of this woman, and then it zoomed out. So she’s saying, when is a diet pill worth $153 bottle? Zooms out another woman in a white, uh, lab coat with a stethoscope looking, you know, like a, a doctor type of thing.

She’s saying she’s right. Leptin is the most powerful formula. But now thanks to the folks at Generics Labs, you don’t have to pay $153 a bottle. Now there’s lept apri, and you get the same exact formula in lept dpri for a fraction of the cost. It’s only $53 a bottle for lept dpri. And I thought, that is brilliant. And the only thing that would make it more brilliant is if it was the same company. So I started looking into this and I uncovered what was maybe the most amazing marketing engine that I’ve ever seen. At the time, there were all of these diet pills that were running on the, on the air. And one of the, uh, you know, they had every attribute that you could think of, every reason that somebody would look at why they can’t lose weight. So they had a woman saying, ladies, remember when it was easy to lose 10 or 15 pounds?

But now that we’ve hit menopause, it’s not so easy to lose weight. We try diet and exercise, but nothing seems to work. You need estrin d specifically formulated for the needs of menopausal women. And then they had another one that was another woman saying, ladies, have you tried everything to lose weight, diet, exercise, and nothing seems to work? You may be one of the millions with undiagnosed underactive thyroid. Undiagnosed underactive thyroid. What a great like frame of something. Oh, it might be my thyroid. They’re immediately say, that’s why I can’t lose weight, but don’t worry. Now there’s thyroid ATC specifically formulated for thyroid support, and there were, you know, three or four others that were all specifically looking at friction about why somebody wouldn’t do it. And

They, they were dominating the airwaves and all from the same company. This looked like a whole, uh, every one of these was an independent thing, but then they created one called Pia Lie, which got a little bit of attention from the FTC to say, well, let’s kind of look at what’s going on here. But that was the end of the, the whole thing. But what an amazing run that was, and what an illustrative example of really focusing on the specific needs and promising the very best solution specifically for your needs. That’s just another great example of that.