Remember the question I always ask?

The one that goes,

“What would you do if you only got paid when your client gets the result?”

The reason why everything starts with that question is… it helps you get to the point where you’re 100% sure you can deliver results. However, as I mentioned, that’s just the start. Once you get to that point, the next thing you focus on is creating a dream-come-true experience.

Because here’s the thing

Your During Unit is a timeline. It begins when somebody decides to get started with you and ends when they get their result. This timeline can be short (buying a product) or long (12-month coaching program). But it’s never just a point in time. It goes on, even if for just a short while.

And here’s another thing: Your During Unit is not just a timeline, it’s also an iceberg. And just like an iceberg, it has two levels: The tip, what I call the above-the-line experience… and the huge mass underwater, the below-the-line experience. The only points on the timeline that your client gets to see and experience, are those that happen above the line, above the surface. And what they don’t see is everything else that needs to happen.

All the things you need to do to get the actual result for your clients, all of that happens below the line, deep underwater. This is bad news because the only thing that creates a dream-come-true experience in the eyes of your customer is their above-the-line experience.

Don’t get me wrong. What you do under the surface matters. A lot. Because that’s the thing that actually gets them results. But, it shouldn’t be the only area of your focus. Ultimately, what you want to deliver is a dream-come-true result and a dream-come-true experience. But unless you’re diligently communicating with your client about what’s going on under the surface… they will never know the difference.

Remember, perception matters. Sometimes even more than the actual result 😉

Still not certain? head over to the podcast. Kirsten Fox and I go on in-depth.