My friend John Carlton created a thinking “device” called The Appeal-O-Meter.

And what it does is It helps you discover the appeal of your offer to your prospects.

It works like a barometer. At the very bottom, at point ZERO… there’s the cold hard reality of things. If the product is a weight loss program, for example… the cold and hard reality might be that… you need to have 4-hour full-body workouts every day,

intermittent fasting, going around hungry all the time, eating only carrots for 3 months, etc… Here, the appeal is ZERO… almost nobody wants it.

At the top of the scale, at TEN… we are 100% in the magic domain. This could be some kind of a pill you take in the evening… and wake up 3 dress sizes smaller the next morning. The appeal here is A MILLION… almost everybody wants it.

Now, the really cool thing about the Appeal-O-Meter is… it ties in perfectly with my “Dream Come True” thinking. The more your product gets closer to the dream come true… the more it feels like magic.. and the more people will want it. So, when you are stuck… and can’t think of anything, that’s the dream come true for your ideal prospect…Use the Appeal-O-Meter to help you out.

First, figure out the hard and cold reality for your prospects. What’s required of them? What do they think they need to do right now, realistically, to get the results they want? And it’s probably the solution they DON’T want to hear about. Nobody wants to hear they need to sweat in the gym for 4 hours a day and go around hungry to lose weight.

But realistically, this is what they think they need to do. Next, close your eyes and ask yourself…

“If I had the power to make anything possible for them… real magic power… what would they want?”

This is their dream come true. The magic pill gets them slimmer overnight…while they sleep. But, of course: that’s completely unrealistic. (And it can get you in trouble.)

So you need one more step. What you need to do is, You have to scale down the magic, bit by bit, Until you have something you CAN create… Something that DOES work…

But it still feels like magic!