When you have a B2B service, say, a marketing or lead generation agency for other businesses… The one thing that quickly gets you in a relationship with any new client is focusing on the things where there’s less competition. And, those same things usually have an immediate upside for your client, too. What I mean by that is that your biggest advantage is focusing on stuff your client already knows they have to do… if only they had the time to do it.

For Example

Everyone is very much focused on generating leads and bringing new people in. Because they believe it’s what keeps the business going… However, your client’s assets are way more valuable: All the people who already enquired at some point in the past, current customers, friends of current customers… It’s all of those unconverted prospects that can create a much higher yield for your clients. More than any number of new leads.

And you know what else? Converting those assets into buyers (or repeat buyers) won’t cost nearly as much. It could even take sending a simple 9-word email that says, “Are you still interested in whatever?” But the beauty of it is, once you’ve proven yourself that you can deliver… and your client sees there’s zero risk on their part and zero cost on their part…

Now you’ve set the stage for everything you can do for them. Moreover, they will gladly appoint you to optimize all these things that need optimizing. Because now they trust you can actually generate revenue. So, instead of trying to do what everyone else is doing… that is, trying to convince your prospects to redo all of their Before Unit marketing…

Start with something nobody’s focusing on The After Unit. Because it truly is the quickest way to prove to somebody you can deliver actual results.

Noah Rosenfarb and Aaron Lee join me on the podcast, and we speak in depth.