The secret of entering the conversation in your prospect’s mind is figuring out the timeline they’re on that leads to your product or service. Because when you know where they are right now, you can predict the next thing they will be looking for. That makes it easy for you to jump in and help them get where they want to be.

Here’s what I mean…

I had a client in Canada who did party rentals. When I asked them what’s the one thing that brings them the most revenue and who their client is with the most extensive check, it turns out its outdoor weddings. Tents, tables, chairs, all that stuff for weddings and parties.

That’s their jackpot.

So we started looking for ways to get more of those. Now, when you look at the timeline someone is on when they’re getting married, you notice that It starts from the moment somebody asks, “will you marry me?” and the other side says, “Yes…” and it ends with, “I do,” at the end of the wedding.

The period for that can be 12 or 18 months long. And of all the things that have to happen to get to that “I do” moment, one item on that list is to pick a party rental company.

But that’s waaaay down the list.

They first think about, “Where are we gonna get married? When are we gonna get married?” Then it’s all about the dress and the guest list… until all of the other things fall into place. If you’re a party rental company, instead of waiting and hoping to get in front of them, they will start looking for venues and party rentals…

So I had them put together a directory of 101 great places to have an outdoor wedding in Toronto. Why not jump to the front of the line and start where they’re starting? Start with what they’re looking for?

And here’s the thing…

The person looking for an outdoor wedding is immediately drawn to that list. Nothing is more compelling to them than getting that guide, shuffling through the pages and imagining their perfect wedding! And once they raise their hand, you know that a) they’re planning on having an outdoor wedding and b) they haven’t selected a venue yet. This means they probably haven’t chosen a party rental company yet.

Now, think about it…

If you’re the one-party rental company in front of them right from the start with precisely the information they’re looking for… Who do you think they will turn to when it comes time to hire a rental company?

You, of course. Because you’re the only one, they know! When you start thinking about your prospect’s journey in terms of a timeline and figure out all the things that must happen before they’re ready for your product or service…

You’ll discover many opportunities to jump in and help them get where they want to go. And by taking that leadership position, you become the only obvious choice when the time comes for your product or service.

A win-win situation if you ask me 🙂

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