I have a formula for measuring websites… and it goes like this:

Eyeballs + emails + hearts = faces.

You have to have eyeballs. That’s the first number I’m interested in. And the main objective for your website is to convert as many of those eyeballs into emails. That’s the second number I’m interested in. Once you have that, your next objective is to engage in a conversation with your prospects… and shape that conversation to highlight all the reasons why your product or service is the right thing for them. And finally, you make it super easy to get started with you. When you have all that, the net result will be more clients in your During Unit.

I’ve been applying this same formula to all my websites since the dawn of the world wide web, and… Guess what? It works flawlessly every single time. On the other hand, when you forget about this formula… and make your website packed with all sorts of bells and whistles, you’re limiting your opportunities to engage with more prospects. And the number of “faces” in your During Unit is not as high as it could be.

Because what happens is…

People come to the site, shop around, they look at all the things, read all the FAQs… do research… and once they get what they’re looking for… they’re off! What’s worse, you don’t even know they were there.

The only time you get to find out somebody was looking for stuff is when they take it upon themselves to inquire further and contact you. But that’s very rare. And if you’re sending any paid traffic to that website you’re losing money. So why risk it?

Keep your Before Unit websites focused and simple.

For example:

Say, you’re looking to buy a home in Winter Haven, and you land on a very simple page. There’s nothing there but a picture of something that looks like a report titled “Guide To Winter Haven Real Estate Prices.” A headline on the right says, “Get Your Free 2017 Guide To Winter Haven House Prices…” and a couple of sentences tell you what’s inside.

The only action you can take is to enter your email address to get that report. That’s it. There’s no other information. The only focus is just to get you to raise your hand. Think about it. Nothing could be more compelling for someone looking to buy a house in Winter Haven.


Because BEFORE they decide to take that step and buy an actual house… the first thing they want to know is how much those houses cost. That’s the conversation going on in their mind. Your report anticipates that. And now they’re thinking, “Oh, perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for!” And, of course, they’re going to raise their hand.

That’s all your website needs to do. Turn an invisible website browser into a visible potential home buyer. Nothing more. Because now, you can start conversing with them…educate and motivate them… until they’re ready to buy.

And when they’re ready?

If you do everything right… you’re going to be the obvious and only choice.