Here’s a way to quickly turn your whiskery B2B emails into cheese for your prospects

A company in Florida does all the postcards, printing and mailing for me. They also did birthday marketing and told me how difficult it is to get new restaurant owners on board.

“Let’s have a look at what you’re doing,” I said.

They had a list of 3,600 restaurants, and the email they were sending out was this beautifully designed HTML piece. The content of the email introduced the company and then went on about how they can help you fill your empty tables. On the surface, everything looked great. But the problem was… When they sent these emails out, they got ZERO clicks. Nothing. Not one person clicked through to check their website.


Because from the perspective of the mouse (the restaurant’s owner) looking to avoid the cat, this email was ALL about the cat. It was all about the marketing company. And it was crystal clear that it was a commercial message intended to get the reader to spend money.

So I told them, “Let’s try and send a message that’s completely 100%focused on what they really want.

Here’s what we sent them next…

Subject line: The name of the restaurant. Email body: “Do you do birthday parties? Jim.”

That’s it. That was the entire message. They sent this out to the list of 3,600 restaurants again, and guess what happened? They got hundreds of replies back! People were replying, “Yes, we do birthday parties,” or… “Of course, we do birthday parties. How big is your party? How many people will be coming…” and all variations of “yes.”

Think about it. Same 3,600 people who got an email a week before and paid zero attention to it… those same people were now pursuing them!

And here’s why:

The mouse opening that email… the manager of the restaurant manager, the assistant manager, or somebody in charge of correspondence… they saw that as an opportunity to get the cheese. To get more people coming into their restaurant.

So they were all over it! That’s the power of focusing on what’s the cheese to your prospects.

And it works for B2B just as well 😉

For more tips on sending them more cheese, head over to the podcast.