Becoming the advocate and trusted advisor to your target market is not only a noble thing to do… It’s also the most profitable for both you AND your customers. When you can demonstrate a return for someone… whether it’s a return on money, time, or even an experience… that’s a powerful way to reframe something they might otherwise consider a cost or expense.

You remove the resistance your prospects might have to get started with you. And for your existing customers, you create an incentive for a long-term relationship.

It’s a win-win-win.

The grocery business is an excellent example of that.

When you can show your customers how much they actually save just by continuing shopping at your store, you turn their “unavoidable expense” into an opportunity for them to make a return. I call it Return on Groceries.

Most families allocate a good portion of their monthly budget to food. It’s certainly one of the largest pillars of spending that people have. That’s why, when you decide to “own it” and position yourself as their grocery advisor… Your opportunities for the During and After Units quickly expand. Now, you’re not only helping them buy the highest quality products anymore.

You’re also helping them save money. You become their financial advisor! Think about it. By combining your numbers… what’s on special or what is a great value because it’s in season… with THEIR numbers… things they usually buy, their favorites, their typical basket… you can get great insight into ways to help them make smart grocery planning and get a return on their food dollars.

When you take the leadership position and become your target market’s advocate, the person responsible always gets the best service, product or experience… That’s WAY more valuable than just another grocery store around the corner. That’s something that creates customers for life.

You create lasting relationships and build a community of raving fans around your business. No matter what industry you’re in. Spend some time thinking about what you do. See if the “Return On X” applies to your market.

Is there something you can become an advocate for?

Let me know 🙂

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