People often assume the value is in their tools. But the reality is, nobody really cares about the tools. Your product or service… that’s not where the value is. The utility of those tools and the result they produce generates value. That’s why you’re having difficulty selling a course on Facebook ads to dentists.

Or an email list marketing service to restaurant owners. Nobody wants more tools. But every restaurant owner wants more bookings! And if you want to win… You need to put yourself in a situation where it’s crystal clear… that the by-product of your prospects working with you is more money in the bank for them.

How do you do that?

You turn the spotlight away from your widgets, systems, frameworks, and courses And shine the light on what your prospect is looking at. Instead of spending your time, energy, and marketing money trying to convince them to bet on you… just go ahead and get them that result in the first place.

It’s often cheaper for you to get somebody the result than convincing them to pay you to get that result anyway. So why not just do it? Think about the one thing you can do that demonstrates your ability. And make it your “magic trick”. Your signature relationship starter. (Just like my 9-word email.)

And then…

be prepared to go to your prospect and say, “Let me show you how this works. I’m going to go ahead and do this thing for you.” Once your customer sees that every time you do your magic trick… they make 3x, 5x, 10x of the cost back…

It won’t be long until they start begging you to do more of that as often as you can… and they’ll happily pay you good money for it. When your prospects experience that you’re able to get them what they want,

it becomes easy to put an economic value on what you do.