The three most important things about a lead-generating book (or report) are:

  1. It has to have a title that conveys something your prospects want.
  2. You must have a way (a system, framework or product) for your prospects to get the desired result.
  3. And you have to know how to lead them to take the next step toward that result.

However, the one question people ask me all the time is…

But, what exactly do I put in the book?

Here’s my answer.

First, your book must show prospects that there’s a promised land. That there’s a better place than where they are right now. And you do that by describing in great detail exactly what they’re experiencing.

But here’s the trick: You need to be able to articulate it BETTER than they could do it themselves.

This means, you really have to know your target market. Their pain. Their dream. And the conversation going on in their mind. Second of all, you need to demonstrate your expertise. See, it’s not enough to articulate what your prospect is going through. You also need to explain WHY it’s happening. What’s the root of the pain. And why that’s maybe different than what most people think…

For example, say you’re an expert on knee pain relief. And the common thinking is that the only solution to that is surgery or pain pills.

Now, if you have a system that eliminates pain through natural means and exercise, then you need to break down the mechanics of what creates the pain in the first place. This will accomplish two things: It will show that you’re, in fact, an expert in knee pain, and it will build the case for what comes next.

Because the third thing you put in the book is…

You explain how your “thing”, your protocol, or your system, works. And now that your prospect understands why and how the problem is happening, they’re more ready to accept your thing as the obvious solution to it. But don’t go into specifics. Explain just enough, so they understand what it’s all about. It’s more important to give plenty of examples and tell stories of people your system already helped.

And finally

You end your book by inviting them to take the next step with you: “ Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help you…

And that’s it. That’s all your book needs to be about.

Still not enough? head over to the podcast. we talk about this a lot more over there.