Have you noticed how a book can become an instant authority booster? When you are presented as Homer McDonald, author of Stop Your Divorce, people start perceiving you as an expert on couples counseling. And this works just as well for any business niche you’re in.

I’ve found that nothing works better as a lead magnet than a focused, meaningfully titled book. That’s probably the best tool you can have to compel people to raise their hands and be ready to start a conversation with you.

What the book does is…

Set the frame for these conversations for you. People who opted in to get your book are drastically more receptive to any instructions, guidance, or offers you make to them from that point on.

The principle at work here is what Robert Cialdini talks about in his latest book Pre-Suasion. After years of studying the field of influence, he identified what he calls “pre-suaders”. These are all the things that amplify the effect of influence – IF you do them before your main influence triggers. And that’s exactly what your lead-generation books do for you…

They set up the frame for commitment and consistency… and “prepare” your prospects to be more open for what comes next.

For example:

If you ask for The 2017 Guide To Maximizing Your Retirement Income and are then presented an opportunity to meet with someone (or come to a workshop) to go deeper down this path, You are much more likely to do it than somebody who never expressed the desire to get that guide in the first place.

The moment you have self-selected yourself as someone who’s interested in that subject, you’re now committed to staying consistent with your choice. (It’s a subconscious thing, we all do that.) The great thing about all this? When people raise their hand and opt-in for your book, they have PRE-FRAMED themselves for you.

They are now ready to be influenced in your Profit Activator 3 – your lead conversion process. But here’s the thing: The title is the key. A book becomes a conversation starter ONLY if it has a title that triggers an “I want that!” reaction in your prospects.

  • It’s not the number of pages.

  • It’s not the amount of time, sweat and tears you put into it.

  • It’s not even how beautifully your book is written!

People will only raise their hand when they desire what the TITLE of your book offers. Yet another reason why it pays off big time to narrow down your focus…select one single target market… and really understand the conversations in your prospect’s mind!