There’s a brilliant campaign from Molson Canadian beer from a few years back. They would run a full-page ad in a woman’s magazine… I think it was Cosmo… with this dreamy-looking guy. A beautiful supermodel guy with a sweater and blond hair… holding puppies in one hand and sitting in a field.

“The intersection of masculinity and sensitivity. His beer is Molson Canadian,” was the tagline.

Now, here’s the brilliant part.

They only ran this ad so they could run another ad in the men’s magazines. This time, the headline was, “Hundreds of thousands of women pre-programmed for your convenience.” They showed a picture of the first ad from Cosmo magazine with the text saying, “While you’re reading this, hundreds of thousands of women are reading an ad that’s scientifically designed to increase the attraction they feel to men who drink Molson. All you need to activate it is to order a Molson Canadian.”

How genius is that?

It’s all tongue-in-cheek, but think about it… They’re running an ad in women’s magazines, trying to increase the attraction women feel to men who drink Molson. In the same breath, they’re letting the guys know they’re doing it for them! It’s like saying, “we’re thinking about your desires, and we’re acting as your advocate.”

This got me thinking…

The brilliance of the Molson ad is that it’s perfect for when you’re in a market with two sides. When you need to become a market maker. Take real estate. You could easily adapt that same principle and use it in your own marketing to sellers and buyers simultaneously. For example…

First, you run a print ad in a magazine looking for, say, Winter Haven lakefront buyers. Even if you don’t have any listings yet, you could still run an ad that says, “If you’re looking for an amazing lakefront property in Winter Haven, read this!”

Then, you describe how many miles of beautiful shoreline there are… with this many homes… and all these appealing elements of owning a property at the lakefront. Finally, you end with an offer to download the free Winter Haven lakefront house price report.

All very straightforward.

Now hear this: Once you get some leads, you can go to homeowners and say… “Hundreds of lakefront home buyers preselected for your convenience! We started looking for the buyer for your house X days ago. Every month we run this ad in this publication, and we’ve generated X number of people who are all interested in buying your house. All of them are on our lakefront weekly newsletter.”

The beauty of this ad is that you don’t have to spend much time wordsmithing it. Because all you’re doing is showing them how you’re getting buyers interested in their house! It’s like saying, “I’m thinking about your desires, and I’m acting as your advocate.”

See how it all fits together?

When you know what your target market really wants… and then decide to become their advocate and go out and get that for them… Your offers instantly become more compelling. To listen to the podcast this post is from, click here