If you want people to take action, you have to offer them what I call “cookies”. It’s a way to take the initiative and get your prospects into motion, so they’re not just sitting on your list while waiting for them to decide and come forward. People don’t want to impose. It’s how we are raised.

That’s why when you say, “If you need anything, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to help,” it never works. You’re putting the burden of taking that first step on your prospects, and nobody wants to take the lead. The key part of the 8-Profit Activators framework is making it as easy for your 5-star prospect to get started with you. And the bridge between someone sitting on your list doing nothing and a happy client is Your cookies.

But there’s a caveat. And that is the language you use.

Language makes a difference. Cookies are effective ONLY when you compellingly present them.

Here’s what I mean.

My friend Gorana shared this on Facebook a few months ago:

“More Cheese Less Whiskers with a 3-year-old…

Me: James, it’s time for a bath.

James: Nooooo!! (Full protest mode)

Me: Oh, OK. Wanna splash in the tub?

James: Yay!! (Runs to the bathroom, taking his clothes off)”

Did you catch that? It’s just so brilliant!

The best real-life demonstration of how cookies work… on ANYONE.

The outcome Gorana wanted was having James in the tub, but HOW she presented it to him made all the difference. That’s how you need to think about your cookies too. When you say, “Buy this 30-day trial,” “Join the gym,” or “Sign up for the strategy call,” These sound a bit like “Take a bath!” Not compelling.

The only way to fix that is to look at the outcome you want through the eyes of your prospects. Think of the most compelling ways to get them moving towards your outcome, such as joining the gym, signing up for the trial, etc., that are most compelling to them. Just like Gorana did with James. She wanted him to bathe, but James wanted to splash in the water. Ultimately, it’s the same thing but presented differently: The former is full of whiskers, and the latter is all cheese.

Over to you now. Look at the way you’re currently asking your prospects to get started with you.

Are your cookies wrapped in whiskers?

How can you fix them and get your prospects to “start running to the bathroom taking their clothes off” because they can’t wait to splash in the tub? 😉

Let me know!