Let me ask you something, How big do you think my email list is?

I mean, how big would you expect it to be for a guy like me? You know, with my profile or my footprint in the world? 200,000 names? 100,000 names? You would expect that, wouldn’t you? But no. In reality, my list is closer to 40,000 names. It’s definitely not a big one. However, it’s a HIGH-VALUE list because I have a great rapport with my subscribers.

Honestly, I get so many emails from people saying, “Listen, I’m switching emails. Can you make sure to update my details because I don’t want to miss any of these emails that you send me?” But I’m not saying this to brag. All I want is to show you that having a big list doesn’t necessarily mean you have a great business, too. Usually, it’s the opposite.

And even if your list is small, when you’re focused on the OUTCOMES you can create for people, your business is going to thrive.

Now, here’s the thing

A lot of businesses sell some kind of tools to help their prospects achieve the results they’re after. Or, when they’re not selling those tools directly, they’re probably selling courses on how to use those tools or consulting and teaching how to use the tools. But people don’t care about tools. They care about results. And when everything in your business is focused around tools, you’re going to have a hard time with marketing them and selling them.

Instead, what you need is to get crystal clear on what your purpose is. What is the outcome you can create for your prospects, and what is the relationship your want to have with them. That should be your guiding mission… Forget the tools and focus on the outcomes. And you’ll know you’re on the right track when people start telling you, “I feel like I’ve got great results already just by applying the stuff you’ve shared with me for free.

In other words, don’t be afraid to be generous and help people get ahead of the game even if they don’t pay you for it. Because what you’re doing is you’re building an asset.

And eventually, this asset will keep yielding huge gains for years to come.

As you can tell, Outcomes are extremely important. for more on them, head over to the podcast.