Your Profit Activator 2 is a gateway for prospects to come into your world. People either respond to it and enter your profit Activator 3… or don’t. That’s really it. There’s no accumulation of prospects at this point.

That’s why you must open the initial gates by making a softer offer. Give as many people the opportunity to raise their hand and start the conversation with you.

And the best tool for that?


After all these years, a book STILL wins, hands down. Whenever I see people using a free workshop as their Profit Activator 2… my advice is always the same: Make that information available in a book, and you’ll get 3 times more opt-ins.

Because here’s the thing…

The people who want the information and are willing to come to your workshop next Tuesday… are going to be within the group of people who wish to read the book. But there’s a significant number of people who want the information… and are NOT available to come to your workshop next Tuesday. Or they’re not willing to come to your workshop just yet. You’re not going to miss out on anybody.

A book is the safest way for all your invisible prospects to become visible. There are no whiskers attached to it. Anyone who wants that information but is unwilling to commit to anything more significant will feel compelled to opt in. And if that’s the only way for them to raise their hand, they’ll remain invisible.

And that’s a great thing. Because now you can engage with all of these people regularly over a long period. You can bond with them, educating and motivating them through your flagship newsletter… month after month… inviting them to take that next step with you…

Until they become ready.

For more on opening gates, head over to the podcast where I engage with Derrik Hubbard on the topic.