The most confusing part for many business owners is selecting a single target market. I know it sounds simple. But when you get down to it… There are just too many possibilities. So many different funnels you can build… and becomes paralyzing. On one hand, you don’t want to exclude people and leave money on the table. But on the other hand, when you’re too broad with your targeting, you’re not compelling anyone. So your conversion rates are low.

But here’s the thing

You have to realize you’re not choosing one single target market forever and only. In fact, you should go ahead and knock yourself out. Think about all of the target audiences you have available in your market. Write them all down, as many as you can.

But then, when you look back at your list, understand they’re very different people. And you can’t market to them in the same way. At least not in the context of Breakthrough Blueprint…  You need to pick one audience and start from there.

Because the truth is… Lining all the other Profit Activators up so they work together like a well-oiled machine… That all starts with picking one audience at a time.

Remember: your Profit Activator One drives everything else that comes after.

In other words, the only way Profit Activator Two makes sense is when you know who you’re speaking to in Profit Activator One.

Most people forget this: You’re selecting a single target audience AT A TIME. You’re not leaving money on the table. You’re not excluding other groups. You can have as many single target audiences as you want… But the only way you can set the Blueprint in motion is to do it for each audience at a time.

Ken Ingraham and I go deeper in the podcast episode. head on over there.