The job of your Profit Activator Four is to make it easy for people to get started with you. And a big part of that is separating the decision from the logistics of your offers.

Here’s what I mean…

When you look at the cookies in my Super Signature you’ll notice that all they ask you to do is “hit reply, and I’ll get you more details.” Same thing with my Email Mastery or Breakthrough mastermind invitations. They’re short and end with the question, “would you like to join us?”

The only people who get the next communication are those who ask for it. I send a second email saying, “Hey. Here’s what we’re going to do… yada yada… And it’d be great if you could join us. It’s $X, but right now, just hit reply and say ‘I’m in,’ and I’ll take it from there…”

The reason I’m doing it this way instead of a more traditional approach is:

  • First, I only want to communicate with people interested in joining my programs in that context. People who’d like to know more about them. I don’t want to bombard those who are not ready yet.
  • And secondly, I want to make it as easy as possible for somebody who’s thinking about it, who wants to do it… to make that decision without getting bogged down with the execution part of it.

By using the words “I’m in” as a response mechanism you’re separating that decision from the logistics for your prospects. All they have to do now is respond quickly, “I’m in,” They immediately feel like they’ve checked that thing off their list.

They’ve made their commitment, you get notified about it… and the rest is just following up with the payment form, the signup form… and so on.

I call this the One-Click Ordering for emails.

It’s quick, it doesn’t require anything more than a short reply, and you always know who’s interested.

On the other hand…

Whenever you send something asking your prospects to “go here to register,”… you don’t know who’s interested until they finish the form-filling process. And many people never make it to the other side because of that.

They’re busy, in the middle of something… can’t take out the credit card and fill out the registration form right now… whatever. They delay and delay and delay… until they are out of it. But when you say, “Just let me know you’re in,” you remove all the obstacles for them.

And you can move forward as if they’re already in. Continue on to the podcast for more tips.