Sometimes, when you’re struggling with low opt-in rates on your website, it’s not because your stuff isn’t compelling.

It’s because you’re giving people too much to do!

Here’s what I mean

When somebody lands on your site, are they able to freely surf around? Watch all the videos, read all the articles, and browse through your full directory of information? Well, the problem with that is: There are too many things going on. Your visitors are already doing what they came for. They’re already satisfying their thirst for information… and there’s no reason for them to opt in.

When I first started using the internet for lead generation, I quickly realized that treating my website like a magazine cover was the best conversion strategy by far. You know, tell people what’s inside, but don’t let them have it unless they “pay” for it.

For example

Instead of saying, “Click here and take a video tour of all these properties,” you could say: Video tour of all the properties – free inside! Or rather than letting them freely search through the floor plans and building specs, you could change it to: Search all of the floor plans and building specs – more inside! and so on, you get the idea.

Because here’s the thing: What you’re doing is, you’re putting up a window for people to peek inside and whet their appetite. They can see all the stuff that’s available. All the information they came to your website for in the first place is there. Just an email away.

And I promise you if you have your ads working. If you’re getting visitors, your opt-ins are in the low single-digit range. This little tweak immediately increases the number of people who will joyfully give you their name and their email address in exchange for the “keys” to your information.

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