Many businesses have the potential to become market makers… and they don’t know it. Think about it: Any time you connect people, you’re enabling two parties to find each other… You have the opportunity to take it to the next level. And that next level is to become the market maker.

My go-to example is real estate. But that’s simply because it makes it easy to explain how the concept works. On one hand, you’re finding people looking to buy lakefront homes. While at the same time, you’re also looking for people selling their lakefront homes. And you’re doing both things independently from each other.

But here’s the thing.

The mechanics of that system are always the same. Across all industries. It doesn’t matter whether you’re matching home buyers with home sellers… or if you’re matching people looking to buy businesses with people selling businesses… And it doesn’t matter if you’re connecting people who don’t want to stay in hotels with people looking to rent out their rooms short-term… The principles remain the same: You must become exactly what these people want. You need to become their dream come true.

In other words, the real opportunity is not in creating a marketplace. You’re not building an overt platform where both sides know it’s a platform. That won’t automatically upgrade you to the market maker status. Your real advantage is your wisdom, your collective database. It’s knowing who these people are.

This specialized knowledge helps you create the tools and build the system to find people independent of each other and then match them up. The great thing about it is… you don’t have to advertise a specific house or business, a specific thing… or anything like that. Instead, you advertise the concept. Because what you really have is a service that helps people through.

And that’s the magic of market making:

It’s connecting two parties who couldn’t find each other in any other way… Not even on a marketplace.

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