I always say the best lead magnet is a book. After all these years of experimenting, nothing ever comes close to how well books and reports convert. But here’s an interesting thing I discovered:

It’s not really the book in itself doing the conversion magic. It’s the TITLE of the book that makes the difference. There’s something special about book titles. When you can get them just right, they become your only true winning formula to make all invisible prospects suddenly visible.

“Wait, surely, people care more about the content than the title?” You would think so. It makes sense logically, but the actual content doesn’t matter much. Hard to believe? Ok, hear this:

Did you know that over half of all books, people buy on Kindle… are never even opened?

And it gets worse:

More than 80% of people who open a book never get past the first 100 pages! Looks like nobody reads anything anymore. Think about it. Why would anyone buy a book and never read it if the content is what matters most? Yes, you can argue it’s because we are hoarders, but I’ve realized there’s something else at work here. (At least in the non-fiction space.)

The real reason why people decide to get a certain book is because of its title. It represents the bridge between where a person is and where they want to be. Just look at Dave Ramsey’s book ” Financial Peace “.

It has the greatest title of all time! If you’re somebody in financial turmoil, on the brink of bankruptcy, living under stress and having trouble sleeping at night…Just the fact you’re holding ” Financial Peace ” in your hands lowers your blood pressure! And that’s the effect you want your book to have on YOUR prospects.

You want its title to “magically” speak to them and make them feel that just having or touching this book will give them what they want.

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