Writing about Soap Opera thinking last week got me thinking about one of the most pleasantly surprising things that ever happened to me. I was fortunate to be friends with Gary Halbert. One of the best things he would do is call me up (often late at night), and as soon as I answered the phone, without saying hi, he would say, “Listen to this…” then he would read whatever he had just written.

I think he loved to edit that way by hearing himself read it aloud. Do a google search for “how even a plain-looking woman can make herself 350% more…” and imagine getting that phone call.

Anyway, one day, Gary called me and said, “Did you see the newsletter today?” He had written about me and Stop Your Divorce in the Gary Halbert Letter without me knowing. It’s one of the best examples of how to endorse a product ever…

He said:

The readership of this newsletter has grown almost beyond belief. And because of this, I get a continuous stream of requests from people (people I don’t even know) asking me to endorse their products or service. I NEVER do it. I have a rule: I never endorse anything somebody asks me to. I only endorse things when it is my idea. Usually, the people I’m endorsing don’t even know I wrote them up until they read it in this newsletter. At the same time, everybody else is reading it.

You… CANNOT… buy an endorsement or any kind of ad inĀ  “The Gary Halbert Letter”. Needless to say, I only endorse things I believe have extreme value. And this month, I will tell you about something with mega-extreme value, and I strongly urge you to buy it.

A friend of mine lives right here in Florida in a town called Winter Haven, which is close by where my mother used to live. He sells an “e-book” called ”How To Stop Your Divorce”. His e-book outsells all the other e-books combined on the subject of divorce. Do you know why? It’s because, in almost every divorce, one partner does not want the divorce. And that partner doesn’t just “sort of” not want the divorce…  they really don’t want it!

All the other e-books on divorce are more or less based on how to win your divorce; about how to inflict as much pain and gouge as much money as possible out of that scumbag prick or that rotten bitch you are married to. But that pitch is “off-target”. How to stop your divorce is what one of the partners (and often both of them) really wants.

Anyway, I consider this to be one of the ten most important books I have ever read. And it’s not because I’m having relationship troubles, either. My Costa Rican Corazon and I are ecstatic with each other, and I pray it will stay that way forever. No, I consider this book so valuable because, in my


It Contains The Best Lessons In Sales Psychology I’ve Ever Read!

It teaches an almost-foolproof blueprint for getting the outcome you want in a business deal or any kind of personal relationship. If you have even half a brain… it will teach you how to dramatically enhance your marketing profits. Just buy the book, Dummy. Hardly anything gets this strong of an endorsement from me.

Not to mention, of course, it will be worth its weight in gold if you happen to be in a troubled marriage.

All you have to do is, go online on your computer and type in your website address bar StopYourDivorce.com

Hey, be sure to tell ’em Gary Halbert sent you. Then, maybe I can gouge a

favor out of this guy someday. How’s that for an endorsement?

That’s how you do it.

Just another example of one of the greatest lessons I learned from Gary. Be direct and tell people exactly what to do.

“Just buy the book, Dummy.”