Did you notice how when people are just starting out and beginning to think about their marketing, what usually happens is they immediately focus on the ad and what they can do to generate leads? Their first thought is, “how do we get the most leads for this?” And all their attention goes to Profit Activator 2.

But the truth is, the path to your Profit Activator 2 goes through Profit Activator 5 and 1. That’s where you start. The first thing you need to understand is what exactly you do and how you can create that world-class experience, that dream come true for people.

Once you have that figured out, the second thing you need to understand is who that dream come true an ideal fit for? Who’s your single target market? Only when you have those two things crystal clear can you work on the rest of your Before Unit?

And here’s the tricky part.

To get the best results and generate the most leads, you have to tap into your target market’s existing desire. You can’t create demand with marketing, no matter how “clever” it is. That’s why knowing your Profit Activator 5 and 1 help: When you have a clear understanding of what you can deliver and who the ideal person for that is,

You can DIRECT their desire towards your product or service. In other words, when you know what your prospect wants, you can stir their attention to how your product helps them get that outcome.

For example…

Say, you’re running a martial arts school. There are many reasons why people start taking martial arts classes. Some do it for self-defense, and others have it as a part of their fitness and health regime. And to compel them to enroll in your school, they need to know they’re getting the outcome they want.

You cannot convince somebody looking to improve their health to join a self-defense program. You can’t convince someone who wants to learn how to protect themselves from signing up for your classes for health reasons.

Even if the discipline you teach is the same, WHY they enroll is different. Understanding what drives somebody to buy your product or service puts you in the driving seat. Because now, you can fine-tune your Profit Activator 2 until it becomes a bridge between your prospect’s strongest desire and your offer.

And that bridge is what will get you the most leads.

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