What’s really interesting to me is that people are so afraid to give away their prices. They’d rather go through many hoops before they tell you how much they charge.

They’d put links on their website saying, “Click here for pricing!”… You’d click on it. Then a pop-up would say, “Leave your phone number, and we’ll have a representative contact you to discuss it.” It’s almost like a negotiation tactic: “I first want to know what you need before I can tell you how much it’ll cost…”

But here’s the thing…

I guarantee 100% of all prospects who have ever bought from you… all of them have gotten the price from you first. Think about it. Nobody ever buys anything before they know the price. It always comes down to that. So why not just get it out of the way from the start?

Then, when you talk to them, the conversation can be about deeper things. Like results and value…. as opposed to making it all about the cost.

The last thing you want is pricing to be the silent driver of your conversations. Also, isn’t it much better for you to talk with a prospect who already knows how much you charge? Who already comes into the conversation with the right frame of reference? So it won’t come as a surprise (or shock!) when you actually say it.

Remember this:

When you want to have conversations with prospects that can afford what you charge, they need to know how much you charge. As simple as that. Of course, for this to work, you need to have what I call “integrity” pricing. You’re not just saying a number and hoping that somebody will pay it, but you’re willing to negotiate less. I’m not talking about those kinds of situations.

But when your price is your price… just put it out there and say it. For more on integrity pricing, head over to the podcast.