When your product is a very complex thing, Something that needs a bit of explaining before your prospects can see the real benefit of it, You really need to be careful how you go about making them raise their hand.

Maybe you’re a tax advisor helping CEOs get tax credits for R&D., Or you’re a real estate agent helping buyers understand this new homeowner’s tax benefit. Whatever it is you do, if it’s not a clear and straightforward thing, the tendency is to start convincing before your prospects are ready.

People always think the more they convince and educate, the more compelling the offer becomes. But here’s the thing: No amount of education will make your prospects raise their hand. That’s especially true when you do it on the very first “date”. When they first land on your page and they are completely uninterested in hearing about what you’ve got.

If that’s something you’re currently struggling with, Here’s a much better approach you can take:

First, figure out what the BENEFIT is, the cheese, for your prospects. What is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? And then create some kind of “information guide” about it. As if you’re doing a public service for them, the way the government does its public announcements.

For example:

How to get free money from the federal government for your startup, How to claim your social security benefits Or Tax credit guide to buying a home. That sort of thing.

The reason these guides work so well is that they are just facts, neutral in tone. And your prospects feel safe to raise their hand. You are not trying to convince them to do anything they do not want. You’re not trying to get them to think a new thought.

What you are doing, though, is you are giving them all the information they need so they can start convincing themselves that they want what you’ve got. You’re saying to them, “Here, this thing is available to you. You’re entitled to it… and either will get it or not. I don’t care.”

That’s the tone you want to have: Neutral and factual, less convincing, more compelling. And what will happen next is, Because you’re making it seem like an entitlement, something your prospects should have but don’t, They will start wondering, “I could be getting this, and I’m not. I wonder if this works out for me, let me get this guide and check it out.”

And that’s all you need to focus on in your Profit Activator #2:

How to get your prospects to raise their hand… without you doing any convincing.

Make it so compelling they will convince themselves entirely on their own!