One of my favorite things that we’ve done, the favorite distinction that I’ve discovered, is the difference in value between offering somebody a gift card or offering them 20% off and, or a coupon or anything like that. A buy one, get one. All those things that are sort of trying to incentivize people. And here’s the magic of it. This is what I discovered.

My girlfriend owns a studio here in Winterhaven called Amazing Browse and Lashes, and they do microblading and lash lifts and all kinds of things from the neck up. And when we first started, when she first opened up the studio, the way that we built the business was by trying to identify all of the ladies within a 15-mile radius of her studio that were interested in microblading. Now, we’re not trying to convince them to come and get microblading.

What we are trying to do is identify among that big pool of all of the women within 15 miles of the studio, who among them is the most likely to get microblading in the next year or so, right? Not that we’re trying to incentivize ’em to do it right now, to convince them. So instead of offering a 20% off certificate or promotion that ends at a certain deadline, see, the thing is the short thinking of trying to incentivize somebody, convince them to do something right now, most of the time when you see a 20% off, it always comes with an asterisk that says, good until 30 days from now or 60 days from now. There’s always an end to it to try and motivate people to use that gift card or use that, uh, coupon. Now. So the approach that we took was offering somebody a hundred dollars gift cards for microblading, which is the equivalent of 20% off, but it also has no expiration date.

So what we were able to generate is getting people who are thinking about getting microblading, They may be not ready right now, but there are a hundred dollars gift cards that they can download right now and put in their hope chest. Nobody’s gonna put, if you look at something and it’s only good for 30 days, there’s no need for them to download it if they’re not planning on getting it. Now many of the people in our marketplace are seasonal. They come and go from up north, they come back down. So maybe they’re seeing the ad because we’re targeting people who live in this 15-mile radius, but maybe they’re on the road right now. Maybe they’re up north and they’re not gonna be able to come in in the next 30 days.

What we are able to do is get everybody who’s thinking about microblading to, if they were gonna get it, now they’ve got this a hundred dollars asset that they’ve got that they can put in their hope chest or they can put, you know, in their wallet. Now they’ve got something that’s bookmarking their future intention for something. So Luba has built a list of thousands of ladies all within a 15-mile radius, and that has been the greatest asset that she has in her business right now.

She’s got all of these thousands of people. She sends a weekly email to them and a Monday special, um, offered to them and she fills the studio. She’s got, uh, two or three girls that work there now that are constantly booked because of this list, right? All by instead of putting pressure on the ad to convince people to buy now, just use a gift card to get people to raise their hand so that they’re bookmarking a future intention to do the same thing. So if that can work for you, it’s a fantastic opportunity.