When you have a product or service that helps different people at different stages, it might seem difficult to pick just ONE target market and go with it, right? You feel like you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. But the truth is… you don’t have to. In fact, if you think about everything you’ve learned about Profit Activator One so far… you’ll notice that the main point is:

Pick one single target market AT A TIME.

This means you can have many target markets. But your focus should be on just one at a time. As simple as that. Case in point, the work I do with real estate agents. No matter at what stage a realtor is in their career, there’s always something I can help them or with. But good luck trying to market everything at once!

Instead, I’ve looked at their career as a whole. From the beginning, when they’re just starting out, up until they reach the pro level and have a multi-million dollar business on autopilot. And then, I divided that “life cycle” into stages. Those stages become my Profit Activators. One target market… one at a time. And I’ve built everything else around those.

For example…

I have a program called Getting Listings. This is for realtors looking to develop their listing business and want to build traction. Another target market is a program called Finding Buyers. You’ve guessed it: For realtors looking to develop new buyer leads.

The thing is… everybody at every stage has different aspirations and needs. So it doesn’t make sense to market to everyone in the same breath. What does make sense is to have a blueprint, a roadmap that clearly shows all the different stages a prospect could go through with you. And each of those stages can then become a door into your world.

But the real beauty of having that blueprint is that once you get someone in, you can lay it all out and say, “This is where you are right now. Then this is what’s going to happen here. And this is what’s going to happen in the end.” They can see where on the path they are right now and where everything is going. What their next step is going to be.

And guess what?

By doing so, you have painted the picture in their minds of what they really want. You’ve become a part of their long-term vision, and there’s no way they’ll find somebody else to take them there.