Here’s what I find fascinating:

People are far less attached to future money than present money. For most people, present money is already spoken for. This month’s money and a little of next month’s money are already allocated elsewhere. But we all become generous and optimistic when we think about the future. And the further into the future we think, the more optimistic we become.

Next time you see an offer that says, “New Furniture! No payments until 2019!” remember this: Furniture dealers are counting on your optimism and the fact that everyone’s secretly thinking, “I’ll be rich by then!”

But here’s why this is good news for you…

When you know how people think about money, and you combine it with the Breakthrough Blueprint principles of “I only get paid when my client gets the result…” You can create Mafia Offers your prospects won’t be able to resist. Instead of asking people to take a chance on you and pay you upfront, you can defer your payment until you actually deliver results for them. Think about it. Who can say no to that?

And no…deferring your payment doesn’t mean you will do the work for free. All it means is you get paid later. What’s great about it is that because people are much more generous with future money, they are willing to share an even bigger portion of that future money with you. So, technically, you can get paid more when you defer.

And it gets better.

You no longer have to promise, “I will 10x your results or your money back!” anymore. You have to deliver fewer results than you would have to promise if you were trying to convince somebody to give you money to get the result. Of course, there’s a catch. You can only make a “pay me when you get the result” offer when you’ve got the goods. When you know, you can actually deliver.

No amount of great marketing is going to cover up the fact that you can’t do the thing you say you can do. And that’s what trips most people up. They are reluctant to make these kinds of Mafia Offers simply because they don’t know if they can deliver. But what they forget is being able to get results for people is the ONLY thing that matters.

Whether your client is paying you upfront or after… you still have to deliver results. So you might as well get as good as possible from the beginning. And invest your money and time to build evidence of your capabilities. Because once you have that… once you KNOW you can deliver… everything else you do becomes an amplifier.

Getting your client the result first becomes much less expensive than convincing them to pay you upfront. And they’ll happily pay you more for it too! 🙂