It seems to me there’s a recurring theme on my More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast and every time I hatch “Evil Schemes” with people.

And it is this…

The conversation always revolves around _Sometimes it’s less expensive to get somebody a result than it is to convince them to give you money to get the result._

Here’s what I mean

When you can access something, say, you’re running a gym with local facilities, instructors, etc. That’s your advantage. You’ve already paid for all that. And your incremental cost of delivering a result for somebody is virtually zero. Or, at the very least, much lower than you’re currently paying to get a new customer on the front end.

What’s worse, if you’re not at your full capacity, most of it is sunk cost anyway. You’re already paying for your facility. You’re already paying instructors and trainers even when the classes are half-empty. In other words, it makes sense for you to figure out how to use your ability to get results as a free introduction to a relationship with you.

Because here’s the thing

Your goal is to have an ongoing, recurring relationship with a client. You want them to become a long-term sustaining member and pay you every month for a long, long time. And what matters is not you get paid upfront but getting somebody up and running and locked into your place. So, what better way to get somebody started, and committed to working with you, than to offer to get them a result; without them having to pay you anything!

I promise you, good things will happen when you focus on just getting people results. They’re going to become your biggest fans. And they will introduce you to more people just like them, who need results.

For more on free results, head over to the podcast.