Have I ever told you how much I like the franchise business model? There are two reasons.

First of all, I always talk about breaking businesses into the Before, During and the After Unit. And when you think about it, A franchise is really a proven During Unit platform. You get the operating manual, best practices, branding, and everything else that comes with it… and then you’re off to the races, doing whatever the franchise does.

In other words, a franchise is a successful operating system at its core.

That’s also why I think a franchise is such a powerful business model for people wanting to start a business. All the variations of running a business have already been tested or removed from the equation. If you follow the operating system guidelines… you’ll get predictable results. But there’s another reason why I love franchises so much; They are the ultimate level of syndication.

Now, here’s the thing.

Even if you aren’t into franchises, but you want to take your business to the next level and scale, it really helps to look at your before, during and after unit from the perspective of a franchisor…

Because remember, to scale, you want to create a scale-ready algorithm.

You want something that can work repeatedly. Something that can be tested and replicated to produce predictable results. Just like you would if you were setting up a franchise. For your Before Unit, that means having a reliable funnel and adding new people you can patiently educate and motivate to do business with you. Cracking the code, and knowing your numbers here, means you can put more money into the ‘Customer Vending Machine’ and get all the leads you need.

In your During Unit, it means having the processes and structures to know exactly what ‘predictable’ experience to deliver to your customers, ensuring they have a dream come true experience… And in your After Unit, it means knowing exactly what to do to deliver outstanding after-sales service and orchestrate referrals from your biggest fans.

Now, the good news is…

Adopting a franchise prototype mindset will force you to rigorously test and document the results, even if it’s you, rather than a franchisee who will follow the manual. Then, once you’ve identified the winning strategies…

You can go on to dominate on a larger scale.

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