Do you know what’s the foundation of an “evil scheme”? Picking a single target market. But do you know what the foundation of a GREAT “evil scheme” is? Picking a single target market AND planning to dominate it. Because here’s the thing: Only when you decide to go all in… and decide it’s for the long term… Only then you start focusing all your attention to create an achievable plan:

This is what I call an “evil scheme.”

For starters, this long-term vision puts you in the mindset of becoming the mayor of your category. This means you stop looking at it as something to profit from quickly. Your goal now becomes to elevate your position in the community as an impresario. As somebody who has its members’ best interests at heart. This also means your Profit Activator Three becomes the amplifier for your mission, and it’s not just a sales promotion channel anymore.

And let me tell you something

That’s exactly what “educating and motivating people” is all about… It’s about you becoming the voice and the information leader of your target market. It’s about telling stories and case studies of members of your community who’ve achieved results. It’s about announcing what’s happening… acknowledging people who’ve moved up and expanded… and it’s about inspiring other members of the community who’re just starting out and let them see what’s possible.

Now, THAT is what the Profit Activator Three is all about.

Yes, it takes patience. And it takes time. That’s why so few business owners are prepared to do it. But that’s a good thing. Because that’s exactly what will set you apart from all your competition. And suddenly…  While everyone else is trying to convince people to part with their money as quickly as possible… while all your competitors are yelling from the rooftops, “buy, buy buy!”… …you’re not just another salesperson anymore.

You’re now a valuable part of the community. You’re somebody people trust. And when the time is right, and they become ready,

You’re the only one they’re going to buy from.

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